Friday, September 17, 2010

Birthers, Ignorance, and Right-Wing Mania

One of my favorite Kirk Douglas movies is Spartacus. I particularly love the scene when the Romans come to arrest Spartacus but don't really know which of the hundreds of slaves is Spartacus. The Roman general demands to know, "Which one of you is Spartacus?" Before Spartacus can step forward, one by one, each of his fellow slaves stands up and declares, "I am Spartacus."

Some of my Facebook friends posted a link to a Kenyan birth certificate generator. We can all be Kenyans which should make the birthers happy.They will be able to say with certainty that not only was the president born in Kenya but all of his supporters were also born in Kenya. I proudly post my Kenyan birth certificate below. I am Kenyan.

If you want your own, just click this link to generate your fake Kenyan birth certificate.


Nance said...

Got one for Hono Lulu La Poule! She's been waiting forever to reveal that Omar Sharif is her daddy. It just seemed like the right moment.

Sheria said...

I've watched Dr. Zhivago at least a dozen times over the years just to look at Hono Lulu's daddy.

Mark said...

I swear we should start a counter-birther movement. Sarah "Half-Baked Alaska" show us your birth-certificate! Maybe you can could see Russian from your house because you were born there!
(Bar-ack O-ba-ma, Ba-rack O-ba-ma, oh what a beautiful naaaammme)

Entre Nous said...

Oh this is a scream, I need a foreign birth certificate so I can apply for all sorts of free programs... and in all my newfound pverty, actaully be approved... :}