Thursday, December 9, 2010

I Agree With What She Says (Extending the Tax Cuts)

I really feared that my Aunt Dorothy's dire prediction was going to come true tonight--my head was going to explode! Aunt Dorothy has been concerned about my love of learning for some time and when I decided to got to law school back in 1994 at the ripe old age of 39, she confided in my mother of my imminent demise from an exploding head.

The extreme pressure in my brain today was a result from the rabidly foaming at the mouth Democrats and liberals who have pronounced that President Obama's proposed compromise on the retiring tax cuts extension is an indicator of that he is weak willed and desperately wants to be liked by the Republicans. As I struggled to determine how to say with civility and intelligence that such opinions were just plain f**k**g stupid, I came across a post by a blogging friend, Beth Riches.

Beth blogs at Nutwood Junction and I've been reading her blog for four years. She always makes me think and often makes me laugh. She's got a razor sharp wit! Her recent post, "Shades of Grey," says everything that was rolling around in my head! It brilliantly sums up why the President is neither a wimp nor the devil for promoting a compromise on the tax cuts extensions. No matter what you think that you know or believe on this topic, please follow the link and read Beth's blog post. Leave her a comment and please stop back by and tell me what you think. I copied the chart below from Beth's post.  
The bubble chart you see ... is a representation of the numbers in the tax deal currently being negotiated in Washington right now. The blue is what the Democrats got, and the lone red one is what the Republicans got.--Beth Riches
For her brilliant analysis, you have to visit her blog.


Nance said...

Beth's article was excellent and optimistic in a time when we need that so much. I think I understand the perspective offered and I do so hope it's correct. Put me down in the Undecided column on this deal, still.

I know I want to make phone calls today to my congresspersons, but I'm not yet sure what I want to say to them (like they're listening in SC, but, hey, it's my civic duty). It's just too weird to see Bernie Sanders and Jim DeMint on the same side of something.

And, then, there's that deficit, which is what it is and what it has to be, but, in the name of deficit-reduction, we'll still be hearing endlessly about spending cuts on entitlements and government programs for the poorest Americans.

Rock vs. Hard Place.

I find myself so protective of this president. He looks very tired, maybe unwell, and I, like so many of his base, have vested our very identities in his presidency. He's My President and I want so much for him to succeed, for our sakes, for his own, and for history. When I don't understand a decision he's made, I search for his "long game" strategy and give him the benefit of every possible doubt.

I'm up for doing that again, but not with an easy mind or light heart.

Charlene said...

I support our President Barack Obama, for no other reason than I can count on him to think about what he does and to have the intelligence to know when he'd getting bad advice.

I would have preferred to have the lower tax rates expire. I wanted to see the GOP have to stand up and fight FOR the rich. Now I know that the best thing we can do is stay aware that the next two years will be on them.