Tuesday, November 8, 2011

All I Wanted Was to Catch Up On The News

When It Starts Dripping From the Ceiling
My visit to the twilight zone started with a story in the Arts section of the Washington Post. A cleaning woman in Germany did a really good job scrubbing the discoloration off a rubber trough. However, there was a slight problem. The rubber trough was a part of a modern sculpture entitled "When It Starts Dripping From the Ceiling." The sculpture, by deceased artist Martin Kippenberger, was worth $1.1 million. A reasonable price, after all the artist is dead. The dirt that she worked so hard to remove was actually a patina that had been carefully applied by hand.

I admit that I'm not bowled over by a lot of contemporary art. I can see why the cleaning woman thought that perhaps the trough was just an item needing cleaning. I have an old rubber pan that I use to store gardening hand tools. I'm thinking that I should paint it, surround it with a wooden frame, and offer it to the Guggenheim.

I progressed further into the twilight zone while watching ABC's Nightline after the 11:00 pm news. There was a segment on a sport with which I had no familiarity. It seems that there are parts of our country where mutton bustin' is a beloved family-oriented activity. The Nightline link to the story isn't available yet but wonder of wonders, when I searched the term mutton bustin', Google found 214,000 results in 0.15 seconds.

Take one child under the age of six and weighing less than 60 pounds, strap him or her into a child sized protective vest, add a helmet, then place the child on the back of a 180 pound sheep. Guess what? Sheep aren't naturally fond of playing horsey so they begin to run really fast and try to throw off the rider. The average rider lasts 6 to 8 seconds. 

On Nightline, some of the riders were as young as three-years-old. You may ask yourself why would a parent put their little darling on the back of a sheep for a wild ride that ends with said child falling off and eating a pile of dirt? The mothers and fathers explained that they wanted their children to be tough and it's a great precursor to bull riding. Perhaps you know a toddler with whom you would like to share this bonding activity.

I left the twilight zone and landed in the outer limits while watching the Jimmy Kimmel Show following Nightline. Herman Cain needs to hire some reliable handlers; his current crew may not have his best interests at heart. I'm no fan of Cain, but even I wouldn't have suggested that he accept Kimmel's invitation to be a guest on his show. Yep, that's right, the same Herman Cain whose fourth accuser had come out of the woodwork to declare that he stuck his hand up her dress and tried to push her face into his crotch. Kimmel began the show with the interview clip showing the alleged victim and her lawyer, the ubiquitous Gloria Allred. The Cain interview consisted of double entendres, suggestive jokes, bawdy laughter, and Kimmel encouraging Cain to be ever more outrageous. I did learn one useful thing--Cain's wife is a registered Democrat. Explains why she has been mostly absent from his campaign trail.


Dannelle said...

Late night viewing can be rather eye-opening! Twilight Zone is a good name for it!

Nance said...

Hah! Cain's wife is a Democrat? Can you imagine being married to the Hermanator if you were a Democrat? Here's a wrinkle in the story that's just going to get better and better.

Meanwhile, I suggest more blogging, music, and poetry and less television ;)

Leslie Parsley said...

I've often wondered when, or if, you sleep, Sheria, but I never dreamed it was because you are in the twilight zone. I saw plenty of Mutton Busting when I lived in Colorado, another form of animal and child abuse as far as I'm concerned. Cain is simply abusive to my ears and to my brain - someone to be avoided at all costs. Lol, gal, we need to find another activity for you before you go beyond the outer limits. ; )

TAO said...

Well, you can now go to bed and sleep restfully!

"The times they are a' changin'"

Now, with OWS and an election behind us lets note:

Ohio voters defeated a union busting law.

Mississippians voted against a very strict anti-abortion law.

Arizona voters recalled the state senator who drafted the strict anti immigrant law.

The GOP has signalled that they are open to tax increases.

Numerous Tea Party house members have cancelled speaking engagements.

Its small change but its just the beginning!

Beth said...

Ol' Herb followed it up with calling former Speaker of the House Pelosi "Princess Nancy."

Please tell me how the f*** any self-respecting woman can support this A-hole. I would really love to know.