Friday, August 17, 2012

Boxing with Racism--Do Something!

Some of you have raised a legitimate question as to what can we do about such blatant racism as espoused at (NMC). It's time for those of us who believe that racism is a cancer that eats away at this country to make our voices heard. It doesn't work to look the other way and dismiss such vicious displays of racism because we don't want to give them attention. They are not going away because we refuse to look at them.

I've tracked down the host for the web site. It's a company called Black Lotus Communications (BLC).

BLC specializes in hosting sites that are looking for an extra layer of security to protect the site from attack. NMC complains about being shut down by hackers in the past and started a parallel site at dot net to make certain that their faithful fans are not shut out in case one site is hacked. 

I spoke with someone in customer service at BLC (1-800-789-1977 or 1-866-477-5554) who stated that BLC does not check out the content of the sites that it hosts. When I expressed my disgust with the NMC site, he stated that I could send an email to BLC at

BLC is also on Facebook. I liked the site so that I could post a copy of the email that I sent BLC via the abuse address. 

Why focus on BLC? Because money talks. A business has a vested interest in how it is perceived by the public; it also has a responsibility for the choices it makes. Below is my email to BLC. Want to do something about racism, then tell BLC that you oppose racism and take issue with their role in providing it with a forum. Show that they are not in charge. 

Feel free to use by email below, do make some paraphrases to make it your own.  I signed my email and included my contact information.

My email to Black Lotus Communications:

I object to the content of two web sites hosted by Black Lotus Communications. The material contained therein consists of extremely racist language and ideology that offends common decency.

Black Lotus Communications hosts a web site at IP address The IP address is for two sites, and The administrator for both sites is Thomas Shelly. 

I assume that Black Lotus Communications does not review the content of web sites for which it provides hosting services.  You may want to rethink this policy. 

These sites advocate for blatant racism and despite a facetious policy that the site allows no hate speak, the entire site is about hate speak.

The first amendment prohibits the federal or state government from impeding freedom of speech but the prohibitions against restriction of speech do not apply to private businesses. You are not compelled to provide hosting services for this type of racist filth. In addition, there is an exception that allows for even government censorship of hate speech intended to incite violence. I believe that some of the comments on these sites rise to that level.

These sites are offensive to any person with a sense of ethics and values, not just black people. 

1. Visit the sites for yourself.

2. Read this article which I've posted about this site, Post Racial America? Hell to the No!  Your name is not mentioned in it but it will be in my followup posts.  It's up to you what is said about your business. I only write the truth. By the way, I'm also published at an online zine, LA Progressive.  
3. Stop hosting this filth. Make it clear that the boundaries of decency do not allow room for such vile racism to be bandied about. Would you provide a forum for support of child abuse, domestic violence or other aberrant behaviors? Why provide a forum for racism?


Nameless Cynic said...

Good detective work, Ms Sheria. I just sent my own email.

I am disgusted that you would host a site calling itself "niggermania." What sort of mindless, ethics-free animal would stand for this kind of useless, small-minded, anti-American garbage?

I spent 21 years in the military, and in that time, I helped ensure that Klansmen were kicked out of the service, for "conduct unbecoming" and similar charges, because I saw it as a moral obligation. Yes, they are allowed "freedom of speech," but I am equally free to use MY rights to shout them down.

By hosting this filth, you are showing what kind of useless, unthinking people you are. Where are your ethics? Your morality? You enable bigots to spread their hatred. What, exactly, does that make you? What else are you hiding? Do you protect pedophiles? Animal abuse? Where, exactly, do you draw the line?

We need to look into identifying your clients, and letting them know what kind of trash you are - let them know that every dollar they give you goes to help promote sites like ""

Sheria Reid said...

Thank you, NC. Love your email!

mrs.missalaineus said...

going to work on one now-


Ken Riches said...

E-Mail sent.

Pat said...

OK, my email is sent. Thanks Sheria, for helping me work towards overcoming my own racism of a lifetime.

Beth said...

Done! Here's mine:

It has come to my attention that your site is hosting two racist websites, and its mirror site,

Although I believe strongly in free speech and am generally against censorship, there is a line that can be crossed into hate speech and the incitement of violence. I believe these websites cross that line.

I also believe that each of us has a moral obligation to expose such hatred and speak out against it. Companies can also do this, just as individuals can, and I urge you strongly to stop hosting these sites and to no longer give them a forum for their hatred and vile bigotry.

Thank you for your consideration.

Sheria Reid said...

Y'all are wonderful! I keep thinking of the line from Network: "I'm as mad as hell, and I'm not going to take this any more!"

It pretty much sums up what we need to shout at those who want to promote bigotry.

Vagabonde said...

What you said in your earlier post is true – racism is alive and strong in America. I wrote a post about French bashing a couple of weeks ago and found many sites on the Web against France one called “F&*%k France.” But there are also many sites against Muslims – there are many hateful sites to choose from, unfortunately. I wrote the following email to Black Lotus Communications –

I was shocked to learn that Black Lotus Communications hosts two sites, and These sites promote more offensive sites such . They perpetuate stereotypes and make assumptions about people based on race. The dissemination of this racist propaganda has to stop.

This is not free speech, this is a fight against Human Rights. The right not to suffer racial discrimination is one of the most fundamental principles of International Human Rights law.

I am deeply concerned about the rise of racism and bigotry in the USA. I am strongly urging you to stop your support of these loathsome websites.

Reggie said...

Racism is as American as apple pie. We may not have invented the concept, but we've clearly perfected it.

I don't know when we get to the point of being "post-racial" America, but I do know this isn't it.

Anonymous said...

I just came across this website and it is disturbing. Some of these people are on the workforce and you should read the plots they have for blacks in the workplace.

TonyH said...

This trash should be raided the same as child porn sites. I take it that a 'logical' extension of the Black Lotus "arguement" suggests that they'd have no problem hosting CP sites either? If the U.S. Govt. were serious about racial issues they'd be tracking I.P. addresses wholesale among the mentally disturbed posters on that forum and knocking on doors.

Anonymous said...

I am very happy to see that there are other people aware of the doings of this company. They host the most vile of the vile websites and Nmania is certainly in the top Five of the ones I am, let's just say am "less than happy with". Sites like Nmania nullify the sentiment of people who want everyone to get a fair shake in this life. The people who stand around and do nothing are as bad as the oppressors. You mentioned "what else is acceptable to Black Lotus?" Child molesters? Well, fact they have hosted pedophile sites in the past. They don't give a damn about what they support as long as it brings the overhead monies in. I fully intend to make Black Lotus my personal "last guys I am going to get.

Anonymous said...

Just came across another similar website hosted by the same company.

The site's called ""

Not only were they incredibly racist, but also homophobic.

There was also a threat of domestic terrorism, should a gaming company include homosexual relationships between the characters.

In the poster's own words they'd firebomb their place.

Now, the threat was said with a smiley, so perhaps it was simply a sick, twisted joke but I felt it was needed to be said.

This company hosts many such unethical websites, it would seem.

They either have a dark agenda of their own, or the money they're being offered is considerable. Perhaps even in an under-the-table sort of manner.