Sunday, April 27, 2014

Donald Sterling and the Low-life Ignorant Racist Club

I've tried to give LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling the benefit of the doubt.  Audio recordings may be altered. His mixed race (Black and Mexican) girlfriend may have released the tape to get even because the Sterling family is suing her, alleging that she has embezzled $1.8 million from the family coffers. Besides, Sterling can clearly tolerate hanging around at least one person of color.

But Donald, there are some things that bother me.

You haven't unequivocally denied the veracity of the audio tape. Instead, a statement has been issued on behalf of you and the Clippers organization declaring that after listening to the tape on TMZ,  "We don't know if it is legitimate or if it has been altered..."  If you don't know what you said, Donald, who does? The updated, extended version of the audio tape is even more horrifying than the initially released clip. It just seems to me that if you didn't say those things you would be shouting your denials via every available media outlet. Instead, you allege that you're unsure as to the authenticity of the tape while proclaiming that you are not a racist. Someone should tell you this--those things that you aren't certain if you said are racist Donald and if you said them, you are a racist. Email me if you need further clarification.

In addition, you've been accused of some pretty racist behaviors in the past. There have been lawsuits against you, Donald. There are multiple witnesses who have attested to you spouting your racist ideology and engaging in racist practices and policies in your business ventures. You haven't been subtle, Donald.

Perhaps you're mentally deranged and have poor eyesight. Haven't you ever noticed that there are a lot of Black people who help you make money in every game in which they play? What about the Black and Hispanic people who pay good money to attend LA Clippers games? 

Your behavior has been disgraceful, Donald, and you need to own up to it and then start making amends. Find something to do with your massive wealth to improve race relations in this country. You have a lot of company in the "low-life ignorant racists club" based on the comments on the stories about your recorded racist meltdown. Become a part of the solution. It's the least that you can do.


Shaw Kenawe said...

It would be nice if someone could tattoo this entire post on Donald Sterling's chest.

Good one, Sheria!

Capt. Fogg said...

Basketball is one thing about America that they love all over the world. It's one of our best ambassadors, that little thing in North Korea notwithstanding. None of this will go unnoticed or will be forgotten or forgiven all that soon.

It's good that you give him the benefit of a slight doubt, but he's not going to come out of this without harm.

Sponsors are running for their lives, players are protesting by wearing jersey's inside-out and this man is likely to find himself on the outside real soon.

Certainly a man whose living depends not only on the talents and abilities of a lot of African Americans but on a fast-growing worldwide fan base that's not necessarily Caucasian either is not going to get away with it and sooner or later his 'peers' will catch on.

Lisa :-] said...

I don't give this guy the benefit of ANY doubt. He is a racist, has not hidden it, has practiced it in his business dealings for years. The way this has played out has been ugly in a Jerry Springer sort of way, but Sterling deserves every last sanction, snub and fine. I personally am enjoying seeing a member of the 1% suffer some consequences for bad behavior... And I wonder why the NBA has been turning a blind eye to his racist antics up until now. If this kind of bizarre reality-tv episode is what it takes to bring one of these asshats down, I guess I'll take it.