Saturday, December 20, 2008

He Sang A Good Song

I'm up late and a few minutes ago I was channel surfing when I came across a young singer performing on Last Call with Carson Daly. His name is Gavin DeGraw and I've never heard his work before tonight. He's a singer songwriter and he was crooning a tune called, Young Love. Part of the lyric goes:
Young love is sacrifice,
Young love is tough,
Young love is innocent,
Young love is us.
I don't know if it was the words or his voice or just his youthful intensity, but I was totally captivated by his song. Years ago, Roberta Flack recorded a song that came to mind as I reflected on my enchantment with this singer and his song. The embellished story goes that Flack wrote Killing Me Softly With His Song after hearing Don McLean perform. (The factual version is that a singer songwriter named Lori Lieberman heard McLean perform his song Empty Chairs and wrote a poem called Killing Me Softly With His Blues. Her poem became the inspiration for the song that Flack recorded, which was actually written by Norman Gimbel and Charles Fox.)

So here I am, totally wrapped up in this bittersweet and melancholic treatise on young love. Funny thing is that it applies equally as well to old love.

The wonders of YouTube allowed me to find Gavin and his song. I've listened to it several times; I've reached the point that I can sing along.

You'll need to look to the left, locate my music player and hit the pause button(looks like: ll) before watching the video.

Young Love
There's no need to beg babe
That's my open pocket
You take the money from me
I can scrounge
Gave me a fever that will not come down
Oh babe!
You're a young woman cast aside
Left on the sidewalk of my lonely life

For the young lovers
Taking the hill
One plants a flag
While the other is killed
When the wine pours
We raise our cups
Young love is sacrifice
Young love is tough
Young love is innocent
Young love is us

What did I get into
Now everything is untrue
Oh, your eyes tell the lies
Of the lines that you said
And now that I love you
Oh, I wish we'd never met
Why wait?
Woman I'm taking risks here
That no one dared
And you're scared
Scared of the bottom
Afraid of the stairs


I saw someone
And fell in love with a face
And it scares me to let her go
Still want her even though
I get less than she takes


warrior scout said...

i have been a fan of gavin's for a while now. he is remarkable isn't he? he's easy like a sunday morning....

Yasmin said...

Lovely song choice Sheria, I'll have to look him up I spend hours on YouTube lol, I also like you Xmas songs especially Shirley Temple, that will rattle around in my head all day now. I see on your bookshelf that you have James Baldwin there, I have to admit I've not read anything of his yet but will address that in the New Year.

Take care


Indigo said...

As soon as you mentioned Roberta Flack, and the song "Killing me softly with your song"...the words started tumbling, swaying gently through my head. I love that song.

Gavin DeGraw is pulling those lyrics from deep down inside, and giving them the grace they deserve. In my deafness I can somehow see depth of character in my eyes, see the gift that is given. Thank you for introducing him to me and as always sharing the lyrics. Each time you do this, I know I don't need to always thank you, it just touches my heart to know you remember.

I hope this holiday season finds you wrapped in the warmth of magic, only these days can bring dear friend. (Hugs)Indigo

Beth said...

Very good song, although I can't say it captivated me as much as it did you. That's the cool thing about music--different songs speak to different people!

Hugs, Beth

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

His looks and voice make me think of a young, edgier, and hipper, Randy Travis.

Charli said...

This is so pretty. A lot of us can identify with this, huh? I wonder what the difference is between "old" and "young" love. I can feel the difference, but I can't quite place it. Maybe there is a certain willingness to betray ourselves for love that leaves us as we age and get know (love) ourselves better?

aims said...

Hey Sheria! I haven't heard this before. nice tune and lyrics. I'm glad you posted this to share with the rest of us.