Monday, December 29, 2008

Friends: Old and New

I'm off tomorrow morning (6:30 a.m.) for a visit with my dear friend, Sarah, and her husband, John. Sarah and I met as freshmen in college in 1973; we've been fast friends ever since. She moved to Venice Beach, California when she married the love of her life, John. For our 50th birthdays, Sarah and I spent a week in Mazatlan, Mexico and it was the best vacation that I've ever had.

I'll be in Venice Beach until January 7. An added perk to this trip is that my blogami, Marc (Le Trash Whisperer) lives in LA and I will get to meet him face to face; he's going to join us for New Year's Eve!

I plan to take tons of pictures and behave totally like a tourist. I'll share when I return home.

Happy New Year to Everyone!


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Have a wonderful trip, and a Happy New Year. Give Marc a hug for us :o)

Sybil said...

My dear Friend,
Have a really brilliant holiday. I will be looking forward to your return.

Have a Wonderful New Year Party and may 2009 and be full of Love, Joy, Peace and Health...

Much Love Sybil xxx

warrior scout said...

enjoy your holiday....

and smile from your heart...:O

gina said...

have a wonderful and safe trip! i know you'll have a great time.

Robin said...

Oh, how fun how fun, and how fun, time with Sarah, John, and MARC!

And, I LOVE your rocking lady Santa, so I had to mark this as "funny." Happy new year, Sheria. I know some of 2008 has been difficult, but I hope it's going more okay than not.

ADB said...

Wishing you well for the New Year,


Leigh said...

Happy New Year to you, Sheria. I hope you have a wonderful time.
Add a hug for Marc from me, too!

Hugs, Leigh

Yasmin said...

Have a fabulous New Year Sheria, and wish all good things for you in 2009.

Look forward to the photo's.

Take care


Beth said...

Have a fabulous time, Sheria! We'll look forward to pictures, and you and Marc give each other a hug from me! :)


chefkelly25 said...

Old and new sounds like your going to have a great time. It is nice to have and see old friends. Enjoy your holiday and have a Happy New Year! Sounds like you made a nice heart warming Christmas for your family. I am sure your Mother was looking down with a smile upon her face quite proud.

aims said...

COOL! Enjoy your trip, take lots of photos!


Gerry said...

Hope you have a very good time! And take lots of interesting photos. My son Raymond is in LA and blogging, so I am keeping up with L.A. (Cowboys and Bohemians) I have you on my sidebar blog list now as I want to get your take for sure as the new president takes office. I enjoy your political commentary.