Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Venice, Canals, and Birds

I promised to post more pictures from my trip to California. I have a compulsive need to keep my promises. (Don't say it, Marc!)

My trip gave me an opportunity to practice using the digital camera that I purchased back in September. It takes photos and movies. I love technology. Of course, I'm neither Ansel Adams nor Cecile B. Demille but I like to think that I'm a blend of both.

Some people have inquired as to why I haven't posted any pictures of myself. Well, duh, I was behind the camera! However, Marc took a photograph of me which he posted on his blog. He also took a couple of shots of me with my camera at the New Year's Eve party that we attended. I've posted two of the shots for viewing below. I refer to them as "Eyes open, Eyes shut."
I also took a lot of scenic shots of the Venice Canals and a brief video clip.The city was designed to mimic Venice Italy by having a series of interconnecting canals. Alas, most of the canals were filled in during the late 1920s when Venice became a part of Los Angeles. However, a few of the canals remain and my friends Sarah and John just happen to own a house that faces one of them. The pictures of the canal were taken from their upstairs balcony. Then Sarah and I went out on a rather gray day so that I could take artistic shots of the beach.

I became fascinated with birds while on the west coast which is a bit weird as I have a pathological bird phobia. I still don't want to be near them, touch them, or otherwise interact with them, but they make interesting subjects for my fledgling attempts at photography.

I decided to put together my little video clip taken from Sarah's balcony and the still images shot at the beach. Of course, I then needed to add music. I selected a song from a trio of women who live and perform in North Carolina. They are known as Tres Chicas, and I think that they have the prettiest three-part harmony that I've ever heard. I've had the pleasure of hearing them perform live and they are true vocalists, sounding better live than they do on their studio produced albums. (Look to your left and hit pause on the playlist before you watch the video.) The song is 400 Flamingos from their album, Bloom, Red, and the Ordinary Girl.

400 Flamingos
Your heart is 400 flamingos,
pink and preening in the water.
And your heart is seven satin ribbons
on a festooned favored farmer's daughter.

My heart is plain--
and yours (chorus)

We've lived through seven sullen winters,
seven springs and half-a-dozen falls.
But I have stored away provisions
and love enough to last for always.

repeat chorus

You always take me far away from here
You know you'll take me far away
400 hundred flamingos

And there is pain in every season
pain in every heart that's beating,
but I will comfort every sorrow,
and press upon the wound that's bleeding.

repeat chorus

hmm, hmm, hmm...


Leigh said...

A very pretty area. I loved the shot of the palms and water toward the end, and of the single gull. They're so comical to watch sometimes.
I really enjoyed the music of Tres Chicas also, very cool song.

:) Leigh

Dannelle said...

You are so beautiful and joyous! I like the group on your video also. Reminds me of the "old days" music I so enjoyed- Glad ou enjoyed your trip, Dannelle

Beth said...

I enjoyed the video and pics! Looks like vacation agrees with you. You're smiling in every picture I've seen so far! :)

A pathological fear of birds, eh? I guess that means you won't be participating with me in the Great Backyard Bird Count in February...?

Love, Beth

Yasmin said...

I enjoyed the video and music very much it's also nice to see updated photo's of you, looking very festive and full of life.

Thanks for sharing.


Sybil said...

What a lovey video and photographs.Thanks for sharing, It looks such a lovey area no wonder you had such a lovely break.
I diD enjoy the music
Much Love Sybil xx

Gerry said...

I enjoyed these photos as I was fascinated with Venice Beach when I moved to L.A.. In fact, we thought of renting somewhere near the beach, but it was just too exotic for us, so we went inland to Glendale, but the body builders were hanging out on Venice Beach then, and we went to the the beach a number of times to see the unusual sights of California.

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Would you try and smile :o)

Like the pictures/video.

Indigo said...

I imagine you have the nicest laugh. Anytime a smile lights up your face like that, it's a given. Thank you for taking me away from these cold temps for a few minutes. I love the video of the canal, the pictures of you.

The song was a delight. I can just feel the rhythm as it flows. (Hugs)Indigo

warrior scout said...

as always, a marvelous post. there is a stronger joi d'vive in your words on this one, though. and that smile is infectious.

you must have had a spectacular (most needed no doubt) time.

Marc said...

What happened? I thought Isaiah Washington was supposed to float by on a gondola?

Sybil said...

Sheira, Just popping in for a moment to say that I am sitting here it is about 4.30pm and I am watching the TV and am with you all in spirit I expect that you may also be sitting here watching it wih me.
Much Love will be back later
Sybil xx

aims said...

{{{Sheria!!!}}} I haven't viewed your other photos yet. I enjoyed these and the video. I love both pics but you look so happy in the "eyes shut" photo! Beautiful smile and you look so happy! I'm glad you enjoyed your much needed vacation. I've been away from blogs for a few weeks and I was hoping you'd have pics and stories of your trip. Now I'm off to check out the rest!
take care!