Friday, January 2, 2009

Woman Having Fun!

Happy New Year to everyone! I know that I'm a bit late but I've been busy having fun.

Thanks for all the hugs, Marc was an excellent representative and passed them all along.

What can I say about meeting Marc? It really wasn't like meeting someone new; it was like hanging out with an old friend. BTW there are pictures and I will post them when I return home next week. I'm getting together with Marc again on Monday. He has suggested a restaurant called The Ivy where I can star gaze. I am such a tourist. Isaiah Washington (formerly on Grey's Anatomy) lives in my friend Sarah's neighborhood in Venice and I have been staring out of her picture window, hoping to catch a glimpse of him. So far, no luck, but I am persevering. Perhaps I will spot someone famous at The Ivy. We are also going to a live taping of the Craig Ferguson Show. 

Have to go now but just wanted to check in!


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Oh, I am so jealous, we love Craig, I cannot believe you are going to see a live taping.

Glad the HUGS were passed on :o)

Happy New Year.

Beth said...

Sheria, just remember...I called dibs on Craig a while back! Heehee!

Glad you're having such a fab time. All I can think of right now is Lucy in Hollywood, trying her hardest to spot as many stars as matter how she had to do it!

Love ya, and keep having fun!


Marc said...

Forgive us this spate of unCalifornialike weather. Hopefully it'll be back to our normal wintry 68 by Monday.

Sybil said...

Thanks for keeping us in touch. la you are having such a fab. time...Keep watching out for could be on first name terms before you hav eto return home !!! enjoy the Ivy x
Love Sybil xx

Saltydawg said...

My Dear Sheria, I can't believe that you met up with Marc! I've missed so much not blogging and have promised myself that I'm going to get back into the swing of it.

We have an Ivy in London too, I suspect it's owned by the same people.
Happy New Year to you my friend. Gaz xxx

Leigh said...

I'd be a "tourist" too, just enjoy yourself!
Never too late to say Happy New Year! Well, maybe in June.....

:) Leigh

Dannelle said...

Here you are so close and yet so far! Glad you and Marc met and you are having a California Experience. Surf yet? he he he Dannelle

aims said...

Sounds like you're having a blast! I can't wait to see your pictures. Hope you see some stars! =)

Yasmin said...

Happy New Year, sounds like your having a blast, good for you. Must be fab to meet a fellow blogger.

Have a great time at the IVY we have one in London which is usually full of celebs.

Take care


Robin said...

I have no idea who Craig Ferbuson is (yes, I'm that lame when it comes to television, which I assume this is as it's a live taping of something!). Have fun, and I'm glad you've been having fun! Happy new year, indeed. -- Robin